Bio / Statement

 Charlotte Urreiztieta is a Caracas native, who now lives and works in her studio in Colonia Roma in Mexico City. She is a multidisciplinary artist who received a BA in architecture from Universidad Central de Venezuela in (2002) as well as a Master in Interior and Graphic Design at the Art Institute of Miami (2007) and just recently (2016) a CFA (Certificate in Fine Arts) in Drawing and Painting at The New York Academy of Art in New York City.

 I use painting as an expression of my inner soul and it is an honest exploration of who I am. I Paint and make Feminist sculptures, I call them the Punk Dolls. Their higher purpose is to heal myself and others and to reinforce the idea of loving and accepting yourself exactly as you are. That is why I prefer to paint myself and women in my life, like my mother, I also Like including tender animals, nature and my dreamy spaces within the narrative. Color, high contrast, clean and very graphic compositions are also key to my design process.

 The Punk Dolls are cutouts made out of white foam, painted on vellum with acrylic paint. They have neon light and it represents cleansing, positive, energy. They are life size. The goal of the installation is for the audience to be able to walk around the different cutouts of the Punk Dolls and experience healing. 

 I am a great believer in energy and how each person can contribute in making this planet a better place. Where love, equality and respect would be the natural quote. I honestly hope I can help improve this planet’s energy with the love and the intrinsic message every painting and art object I make has. 


 * The Other Art Fair in Brooklyn May 2-5, 2019

* Tribeca Ball, New York Academy of Art, New York. (2016)

* Thesis exhibit, New York Academy of Art, New York. (2016)

* Group show, Weylin's Gallery, for @cultured_mag, New York. (2016)

* Group show, Los Galpones de los Chorros, Caracas. (2017)

* Group show, Los Galpones de la Trinidad, Caracas. (2017)


* Create! Magazine, for the Art Miami / Two - Year Anniversary issue #12, December 2018.